Problem with a brand-new BMW X3

Problem with a brand-new BMW X3


Repeated issues with a BMW X3. Will I have to pay again?

These are the words of BHPian aman-bh.

Hello everyone, I needed some advice and tips on how to go about with this issue in my X3. I’ll start with the timeline of events:

October 2019: Purchased my brand new BMW X3 30i from Bird Automotive, Gurgaon. It’s my second BMW after the X1 in 2017 and first from Bird. Shortly after delivery, I noticed that the wheel alignment and balancing was a little off. However as the car is required on a daily basis without fail and BMW requires to keep the car for 2 days for that, I chose to get this fixed at the first service.

October 2020: Come the first service at Bird, and I conveyed this issue and was charged Rs. 12,500 excluding labour for the same which I hesitantly gave at that point because I needed to get it rectified. After keeping the car at Bird for 2 days (which was a task and an inconvenience in itself), I got it back. Next day, again noticed that the wheel alignment was off and contacted the service advisor at the time and conveyed the same to him. However, the need for the car being so important I did not have the patience and time to give my car for another 2 days. I was told that the alignment must’ve been off because I accelerate and brake a lot. Had to remind the service advisor that I drive a BMW X1 as well and not once have I had the need to get the balancing done in almost 4 years with its runflats being much more low profile than the X3.

December 2020: I noticed that the headlamps, when on auto mode, were fluctuating on its own, during unlock welcome headlamps and while driving. Spoke to the service advisor and once again was told that the sensor might have an issue and they’ll have to keep the car at Bird for 2 days and also that I might have to pay for alignment again.

Now, this is where the main problem comes, I cannot leave the car for a day or two as required by BMW. My questions are:

  • Am I applicable for a courtesy car?
  • Will I have to pay again to get the balancing done?

Will be visiting Bird this week, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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