Replacement for a 10-year old Toyota Innova

Replacement for a 10-year old Toyota Innova


We are planning to sell the Innova as we felt it is expensive to maintain as it is a 10-year-old car.

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Hello everyone,

We have a 2011 Toyota Innova VX as well as a 2014 Honda City iDTEC V MT at home and both were bought used. The Innova had run just 75,000 Kms on the odo during the purchase in 2016 and now, it has run 1.78L Kms, in which we have clocked a shade more than 1,00,000 Kms in 56 months of ownership. The Honda City was bought used in 2017 when the odo was at 35,000 Kms and the present odo reading of the City is 1.07L Kms.

We felt that it is time to let go off the Innova as it is 10 years old and giving less FE due to which the diesel bills are burning our pockets badly, especially after the increase in fuel rates. The Innova is reliable and we recently did a 1,500 Kms trip to Tirupati and reached home safely without any issues. Now, the thing is, we are planning to sell the Innova as we felt it is expensive to maintain as it is a 10-year-old car and despite aging well, we are still getting service bills of Rs.15-20k for every 10K Kms and it had met with 2 accidents in recent times.

Hence, we have decided to replace our Innova with a Creta/Seltos Diesel AT or Innova Crysta if a 7-seater is compulsory for dad.

Even after being aware of Hyundai/Kia issues and the Seltos’ crash test result, I’m still inclined towards Seltos/Creta due to their looks (Seltos) as well as decent Diesel AT engine and drivability.

Had considered the Tata Harrier and Safari but it didn’t make sense to spend Rs. 25L on a Tata vehicle and instead will prefer Innova Crysta or Jeep Compass over the Tata twins at that price point and my dad is not in a mood to splurge Rs. 25L on a Tata vehicle as well.

The plan is to get the Innova Crysta in GX AT variant or VX MT variant as we don’t have the budget to purchase the Z variant (might extend the budget to Z if dad is ok with extending the budget just for the Z variant).

If we purchase an Innova Crysta GX AT (costs close to Rs.24L here), the plan is to get GX AT as the Z version is expensive by Rs. 6L and instead, will get the mods done like interior (which I’ll get it done like VX or Z), the reverse camera attached to stock HU and other accessories, which will cost me around Rs.1.5L and still we would be saving a whopping Rs. 5L over the Z AT and I felt that the 2021 Crysta GX AT is well equipped than our 2011 Innova VX with features like Apple Carplay and Android Auto along with cruise control but misses out on features like auto climate control and fog lamps (which I’ll get it done at showroom).

For now, the plan is to sell off the Innova and get a Creta/ Seltos (that will serve as a second car later), and later on, we might replace our City with Innova Crysta only if my dad is not satisfied with a 5 seater crossover and the crossover will be used by myself and mom, who goes to her office everyday and she will be the one who uses the car on a daily basis if I move abroad this year and driven by herself as well (her age is 51 btw and she still prefers to drive an MT car even at this age, but I’m persuading her to get herself an AT due to her age and she drives the car mostly in traffic all the time and she loves driving as well).

But, few people around me were like, “Are you crazy and why are you planning to get Creta/Seltos as the replacement for Innova?” And they told, “get the Innova Crysta only as the replacement of Innova and later on, sell off the City and get yourself a Sonet Diesel AT or Seltos Diesel AT”. Even my dad was like, “are you crazy, who will replace Innova (an MPV) with Creta/Seltos (a crossover)?”, which, according to him, feels smaller than Innova Crysta in terms of comfort and space.

And, the only thing which I still have a doubt is that whether the Seltos will be suitable as a chauffeur-driven car or not! I feel the Creta is more suitable for chauffeur-driven as it has better suspension tuned for comfort than the Seltos, where the suspension is tuned for cornering and for spirited driving.

And, along with Creta/Seltos and Innova Crysta, we are considering Tata Harrier and Tata Safari 2021 as well after a TD.

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