Royal Enfield Launches Limited Edition Pinstripes Helmets

Royal Enfield Launches Limited Edition Pinstripes Helmets


Royal Enfield has announced the launch and sale date of the limited edition Pinstripes Helmets, with the iconic, hand-painted pinstripes the Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles are identified with. Each of the 200 limited edition helmets will have a unique number and will be exclusively available on the online store on the Royal Enfield official website. The collection will be available on December 4, 2019 from 4 pm till stocks last. The open faced helmet is priced at ₹ 4,000 and the full face helmet is priced at ₹ 5,000.

Only 200 limited edition helmets will be available, and can be bought online from December 4, 2019

“This launch is a celebration of the Royal Enfield Madras Pinstripe legacy. The Limited Edition Pinstripe Hand Painted helmets retell our unique legacy prevalent on the tanks of the iconic Bullet for almost 6 decades now. It also showcases our heritage and our commitment to staying authentic and classic amidst modernization and technological advancement. The 200 Iconic helmets have been hand painted by the Kumar brother’s themselves and are a true collectible,” said Puneet Sood, Head, Apparel and Accessories, Royal Enfield.

The collection of the 200 limited edition helmets each feature the hand-painted stripes, with the distinctive one brush, two strokes identity that has made the Royal Enfield Bullet stand out. The interiors of the helmets feature genuine leather beading, single stitched leather trim on the periphery of the shell. The high density EPS liner with air ventilation system is designed to allow proper airflow and circulation. The trademark Royal Enfield pinstripes have been distinctive features of the Royal Enfield Bullet, and are a century-old tradition, also called Madras stripes. They are still hand-painted in Chennai. Today, when motorcycles are made by robotic arms, the stripes are still painted in the traditional way.

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