Royal Enfield now offers custom riding jackets

Royal Enfield now offers custom riding jackets


In addition to riding jackets, riders can also customize T-shirts and helmets using the ‘Make It Yours’ tool.

In January this year, Royal Enfield had launched an online personalization tool for apparels, called ‘Make It Yours’. Initially, the company offered custom T-shirts and helmets. Now, the service has been extended to riding jackets as well.

Enthusiasts can now buy riding jackets as per their requirements. They can choose from a catalogue of different components and customize their jackets. These include colours, liners and Knox or D30 armour for the chest, shoulders and back. Customers can also add winter and rain liners to their jackets.

A basic rain jacket costs Rs. 1,750, while a thermal liner is offered at Rs. 2,500. The Streetwind range starts at Rs. 4,500 and depending on the material, a proper touring jacket can cost between Rs. 11,900 and Rs. 14,950.

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