Say Farewell, German Wagons

Say Farewell, German Wagons


So long, Alltrack and Sportwagen. We hardly knew ye. But Volkswagen says that production for the U.S. of both wagons will end before the year is out.

Why? SUVs, of course. VW says that SUVs are more than 50 percent of the company’s sales in the first half of the year. They’re also coming out with three new crossovers in the next two years. The Atlas Cross Sport, the ID. Crozz, and a new model that’ll slot in underneath the Tiguan.

Which means that even an all-wheel-drive wagon that’s been Outbacked with more ground clearance and plastic cladding can’t survive the onslaught. The Sportwagen is currently powered by VW’s latest 147 hp 1.4L four, while AWD Wagens and Alltracks still get the 1.8T that puts down 168. The Sportwagen was the only front-drive wagon (and one of just about three wagons period) available with a manual gearbox.

Production at the Puebla, Mexico plant will continue until the end of this year, but after that, VW of America says it’s all done. So if you really want a manual-transmission wagon, and have optional all-wheel drive, you’d best get to your VW dealer soon.

It’s possible that with a new generation of Golf and Jetta will come a new wagon, but we wouldn’t hold our breath waiting.

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