Smyth Beetle Ute is Your Flower Power Pickup

Smyth Beetle Ute is Your Flower Power Pickup


U.S. buyers craving a Volkswagen pickup have been teased by the Tanoak and Taroak concepts and tormented by rumours of the Amarok making the leap. But if you’re tired of waiting for those and looking to get your VW pickup right now, then there’s an option you can start putting together right now.

Or nearly right now, at least. Smyth Performance has been offering pickup truck conversions for a wide range of cars that should maybe never have gotten beds for years. The company’s latest is the New Beetle Ute kit, and it’s shipping now.

The company posted to Facebook last Friday that they had started shipping the first 100 kits.

Smith, that’s Mark Smith, company founder, says that if you’re planning on building one, or if you’ve already purchased your kit, he’d like to talk with you. To find out exactly why this has quickly become their hottest model, bringing the company from five cars a week to 10-15.

The $2,990 kit lets you turn your 1998-2010 New Beetle into a pickup. Trade the rear seats and trunk for a big flat open area with a tailgate. It’s a DIY kit, which Smith says is the company’s easiest to build, though it requires some serious cutting and assembly that might be beyond an entry-level DIY mechanic.

And maybe it’s not going to appeal to everyone, but the Beetlemino is a pretty cool way to haul stuff. And it’s the only Ute that comes with a bud

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