Spied! Ferrari's new hyper hybrid

Spied! Ferrari's new hyper hybrid


As we’ve known and predicted for a while, Ferrari will not only be introducing a new SUV, but the (now publicly traded) Italian brand is also creating a hyper hybrid more powerful than the LaFerrari, and it will be one of five new models coming out this year. Ferrari senior vice president of commercial and marketing Enrico Galliera told an Australian outlet back in February that 2019 “is the start of a new generation of product.”

Speaking of this new generation, a couple guys who happened to be driving a 488 Spider — obviously fans — spotted what we think is the new hybrid camouflaged and testing on the streets of Italy. They gave chase, which we can’t in good conscience recommend, and recorded some great video. The only problem is that it’s in portrait instead of landscape. C’mon guys!

This Ferrari test mule looks a bit like the F8 Tributo with the center-mounted, integrated exhausts and spoiler shape. We can’t really hear the car because it’s raining and the 488 bros have their windows up. It does have an electrocution hazard sticker, hence the hybrid guess.

The new car will be introduced on May 31, according to CarBuzz, who claims to have a copy of a leaked invitation to the event. And, standard Ferrari rules here: If you don’t have a garage full of them, you probably won’t be able to get this new one. Still, it’s fun to dream.

Sidenote: For a good breakdown of Ferrari’s future, check the FerrariChat message board, which has compiled all the rumors over the last few years and put them into a handy list that was last updated a few months ago. In theory, we’ll see 15 new models by 2022. Bellissimo!

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