This Seemingly Fine Ferrari F8 Has Enough Underfloor Damage To Write It Off

This Seemingly Fine Ferrari F8 Has Enough Underfloor Damage To Write It Off


Rental cars, including more exotic ones, often live a hard life. One poor Ferrari F8 Tributo, for instance, didn’t even make it through a single loan without being damaged beyond repair.

Royalty Exotic Cars, which we saw perform Bugatti’s ‘$21,000’ Veyron oil change a few years ago, has just posted a new video about the unfortunate Ferrari. The team received a call about the car from the customer, who’d an accident and left it parked up to the side of Las Vegas Boulevard. The guys met up with the driver the following day to collect the keys and find out how it happened. He reported driving over a rock he didn’t see until the last minute, causing the F8 to “hit a little bit of the kerb”.

It doesn't look so bad from here. But take a closer look...

At first glance, the F8 doesn’t look too bad at all (don’t be fooled by the video’s baity thumbnail). On closer inspection, though, it gets a lot worse. There’s some damage to the splitter, a deformed front bumper, a detonated side airbag, and calling the driver’s story into question, huge dents in the driver’s side wheels. What’s more, several sizeable impact marks were found on a nearby kerb, along with a chunk of the front driver’s side wheel cowling. A little kerb kiss this was not.

To cause this much damage, the driver must have been going a lot quicker than his claimed 45mph, Royalty Exotic Cars reckons

Once the F8 is back at the shop on a lift, we get to see where the supercar picked up its most significant damage. The front driver’s side wheel was pushed up far enough to cause all kinds of damage to the inside of the wheel arch, and the brake caliper isn’t looking so good either.

The front undertray is a mess, and there’s a destroyed damper. More seriously, the frame of the car itself is severely cracked near the mounting point for that wrecked shock absorber. So, with under 1000 miles on the clock, this F8 is totalled. RIP.

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