Took my Volvo XC40 on a road trip: Drive impressions with 5 passengers

Took my Volvo XC40 on a road trip: Drive impressions with 5 passengers


The rear seats although not the best in class aren’t too bad either.

BHPian gismosin recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took the car out to Goa for a trip. We had a great time in the car which provided us comfortable journey. We had five people while going to Goa and only four while coming back. Obviously, this car is not suitable for three folks to sit for a long time in the back. We had people switch places at the centre seat as it’s very uncomfortable to stay there for long. While on the way back with four folks we had no issues, The rear passengers were comfortable enough for a 15-hour drive (with breaks). This shows the back seats while not the best in the segment are not too bad either.

The car felt surefooted did speed effortlessly and has superb breaking. Had to brake due to some surprise inconspicuous speed breakers on the road. It even lapped up the ascent and descent in the ghats which were in places quite steep. The best-in-class ground clearance meant zero worries about scraping the bottom.

Fuel efficiency has reduced after my first service, need to go back and check with them. Shows 9.8L per 100 km in the odo which is roughly 10.2 km/l. I maintained tyre pressure at 38 PSI

A total of 1506 km was covered from Hyderabad to Goa and back with some miles covered locally in Goa.

If you are interested in the roads/route plans for Hyderabad to Goa you can check out my post, here.

I have two more good road trips coming up in January, one is from Hyderabad to Pondicherry and the other is from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Will update here once I am done with them.

The car took some rest at a Tilari ghat viewpoint while we were busy clicking some pictures

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