Toyota Innova Crysta cross-country drive: 5 days, 6 states & 2800 km

Toyota Innova Crysta cross-country drive: 5 days, 6 states & 2800 km


Fuel efficiency was nothing to write home about, with the MPV returning an average of 9 km/l.

BHPian ganeshnag75 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I must share the excellent experience I had with my Crysta 2.7 Z on a long drive across the country.

I just completed a 2800 km drive over five days, across six states from Kohima, Nagaland to Hyderabad, Telangana. I did the trip with a companion driver, the second row filled with luggage and my dog in the third-row space after folding the seats.

We drove between 12-15 hours each day, taking adequate comfort halts. The drive was completely fatigue-free, even in some bad road patches between Siliguri and Kolkata. On most highways, we were comfortably cruising at 120 km/h. No niggles, no punctures; just sheer driving pleasure. I am glad I opted for the AT, at the end of the day, I still had enough energy to walk my dog for an hour!

FE, as expected, is nothing to write about. I was on Eco Mode most of the time, with occasional switches to Power Mode to zip in heavy traffic stretches. The Power Mode does give you a high when you slice through traffic effortlessly! The average FE would be about 9 km/l, and I confess I was enjoying the drive, rather than worrying about the fuel being guzzled!

My Odometer now reads a grand 8500 km, after exactly one year of ownership. Of these 2500 km were on a Delhi – Kohima road trip, and 2800 km on this one. I must thank my fellow BHPians for steering me towards the Crysta last year, I couldn’t have had a better set of wheels!

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