Vauxhall Manta comeback confirmed for 2025

Vauxhall Manta comeback confirmed for 2025


Recent Manta concept had our juices flowing; the badge at least is due to return

By Matt Bird / Friday, March 4, 2022 / Loading comments

For manufacturers, making the most of their heritage is going to be key in years to come. As battery-electric technology inevitably makes cars more homogenous, so the ability to trade on former glories will become all the more valuable. Tesla has shown legacy car makers that decades of history isn’t vital for success, either, so the nostalgia trips will have to be carefully judged. Nobody wants to be accused of being old hat in the 2020s…

Opel’s newest attempt at combining decades of car-building nous with the electric revolution will be a new Manta EV, due for launch by the middle of the decade. The old Manta B was a real icon, Opel’s stylish Capri rival winning plenty of fans back in the 1980s – some notable rally successes helping its cause. With any luck, the new Manta will take some inspiration from the smart ElektroMOD concept seen last year, which brought together the old-school two-door saloon silhouette, Ronal wheels and retro styling cues with a 31kWh battery and 147hp motor. It looked and sounded eminently feasible; the Manta ElektroMOD didn’t make any wild claims or look like a dune buggy, so we hoped it might happen – now Opel, and indeed Vauxhall, too, has confirmed that the badge at least will make its comeback.

According to its maker, this will be a Manta “befitting the times we live in”, which to Opel means “emissions-free and versatile, a car that fans crave.” Quite what that means is left to our imagination – and the potential for it to be yet another dreary electric SUV is plain enough – not least because another more bulbous concept has been digitally previewed in the meantime. But we’re going to cling to the idea that something compelling will be made of the new STLA EV platform, which has been lined up to underpin an entire range of future Stellantis product.

Opel CEO Uwe Hochgeschurtz said of the announcement: “The new Opel Manta will be a highly emotional car once again. With electric power that ensures first-class acceleration on tap. Our Manta will once again stand for pure driving pleasure. We will build a fascinating, astoundingly spacious new interpretation”. We’re not sure anyone loved the old Manta for being spacious, but let’s save the scepticism for later and hold onto the idea that Rüsselsheim is finallly letting its imagination run wild.

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