Volkswagen Teams with Fifteen52 to Create Atlas Basecamp

Volkswagen Teams with Fifteen52 to Create Atlas Basecamp


Last year, Volkswagen unveiled a concept trim of the Atlas called the Basecamp and this year they will be selling it.

The trim package is a dealer install kit that includes plastic trim pieces, fender flares, and wheels by fifteen52.

“Our goal is to provide customers with an extensive catalog of accessory options that cater to their desires for distinctive styling and functionality,” said Hein Schafer, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at Volkswagen of America. “The public interest and customer enthusiasm sparked by the Atlas Basecamp concept created a strong business case to further explore off-road-themed components for production.”

Each piece can be purchased individually and installed in a matter of hours by the dealer, or you can opt for the full package and get a “Basecamp” badge over the front fender.

Although the final price was not revealed, Schafer told us that all of the plastic pieces cost $2,500 and the wheels are $250 each. Factoring in tires and installation costs, “I would probably say you’re in for around $4,000 if you want to get that all into your vehicle,” he said.

If you opt for the Basecamp rear bumper, though, it has a cutout for a trailer hitch, so it is recommended for vehicles fitted with a hitch only. The tires are also not specified in this package because, according to Schafer, VW wanted to give customers the option to fit tires as aggressive (or not aggressive) as they want.

The package is slated to be available this spring.

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