VW Tiguan X Gives the SUV a Coupe-Style Roof

VW Tiguan X Gives the SUV a Coupe-Style Roof


If it feels like German automakers have spent the past five years giving just about every SUV a coupe-like variant, presumably in response to some wave of demand that had deluged dealerships, we regret to inform you the trend does not seem to be abating. And it appears it’s not confined to luxury models sold in the U.S. If there is one thing we can be sure of when it comes to German automakers, it’s that entries in new niches rarely go unanswered by competitors.

Enter the Tiguan X, a coupe-like version of the long-wheelbase Tiguan SUV going on sale in 2021, just not here. Rather, Volkswagen plans to offer this model solely in China for now, where five- and seven-seat versions of the Tiguan are produced for the domestic market. By comparison, the Tiguan is offered stateside only in long-wheelbase form.

The Tiguan X will take the long-wheelbase variant and give it a rakish roof while lengthening the SUV a few extra inches in the process.

The result appears more like a sport utility sedan when viewed in profile rather than a coupe, perhaps owing to the long wheelbase of the regular Tiguan SUV underpinning this variant, and it doesn’t look like it robs the rear-seat passengers of any significant headroom. The Tiguan X’s overall length also does not appear to rob the cargo compartment of too much usability, though it’s clear this isn’t necessarily the Tiguan you would pick to haul some furniture.

Volkswagen’s prolific 2.0-liter four-cylinder powers the Tiguan X, paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, so it’s not aiming at the increased performance which sometimes accompanies luxury SUV coupes. And serving up a serious boost in horsepower isn’t really what this exercise is about. Rather, it’s more about style and some premium features inside; we expect the Tiguan X to be offered solely in top trim flavors, compared to its SUV siblings.

If you’re itching for an SUV with a coupe-like profile from a VW Group brand, note that the upcoming Audi Q3 Sportback will not be offered stateside either, but the Q5 Sportback, due to enter production next year, has not been definitively ruled out. If it makes its way here, it’s going to compete with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe and the BMW X4.

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