When is a Bunny a Bird? When it’s a Swallowtail Rabbit

When is a Bunny a Bird? When it’s a Swallowtail Rabbit


If an alien tried to learn about cars by exclusively looking at this website—something we’re calling our “master plan”—they might conclude that the Mk1 Golf is the most important and well-loved car in the history of time. And why shouldn’t they?

But to say Mk1 makes it sound like the car never changed throughout its first generation. And Jamie Orr is back to point out that, in fact, there’s some weirdness in the Mk1’s history.

The story is… well the story is extremely nerdy. But, if anyone out there cares surely, dear readers, they are among us. So let’s watch Orr excitedly detail all of the minute details that make the Swallowtail so desirable.

Details like, the Rabbit badge being on the wrong side, a strip of chrome above the taillights, or plastic trim on the door handle being a different texture to later models, and more. Not only is it nerdy, it helps you know what you’re looking at. Whether the car in front of you is a real Swallowtail or a later car with details stripped off and pasted into place.

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