You Can Thank the A4 Allroad for the RS 6 Avant

You Can Thank the A4 Allroad for the RS 6 Avant


Enthusiasts have been clamoring for an RS 6 Avant for years, and Audi has finally satisfied our demands. But why now? Speaking to Road & Track, Anthony Foulk, Audi’s senior product planner, said the reasons were twofold.

The first, and perhaps biggest, was the A4 Allroad’s success. As R&T points out, that model’s success was such that it kind of killed the A4 Avant in the US.

So Audi knew that the US would buy a wagon as long as it was interesting. Based on the A4 Allroad’s success, Audi was able to make a business case for the A6 Allroad.

With the A6 Allroad homologated for US roads, the hard work of getting the A6’s wagon variant past regulators had been done. And with the RS 6 using the same drivetrain as the RS 7 and now the RS Q8, the hard work of getting its engine through homologation had already been done, too.

All of which opened the door for Audi. But you still have to believe that there’s a market for a sporty wagon to actually bring it to the market.

“For years we’ve had big demand from customers and enthusiasts for an RS 6 Avant, as well as an A6 Allroad,” Foulk told R&T. And we know people have been asking for this for a long time, so once we knew the demand was there, and could kind of quantify it. We knew it was worth bringing the RS 6 Avant in.”

And the even better news is that if the RS 6 Avant is a success, it could mean we get denied fewer models.

“With Audi Sport and the RS models, we’re always working to bring a full portfolio. The more consistent and full your portfolio (is as an automaker), the more energy you have behind that brand to get people to come in,” Foulk said. “We have to work toward this being successful and to continue bringing more and more RS models. The hope is to continue to offer these RS models, and to bring even more in the future.”


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