F1 results: Italian Grand Prix, Gasly’s shock win

F1 results: Italian Grand Prix, Gasly’s shock win


Pierre Gasly won a wild Italian Grand Prix for AlphaTauri at Monza, round eight of the Formula 1 World Championship, after race dominator Lewis Hamilton was penalized for pitting when he wasn’t allowed to.

Starting from pole position, Hamilton led Carlos Sainz, a slow-starting Valtteri Bottas and Lando Norris into Turn 1. Norris passed Bottas at the Roggia chicane, with Bottas then making a big mistake at the Lesmos, and he dropped back to sixth.

Hamilton pulled clear of the McLarens out front, but his huge lead was negated by a safety car on Lap 20 for Kevin Magnussen’s stranded Haas on the entrance to the pitlane. Hamilton pitted when the pits were declared closed, and was penalized along with Alfa’s Antonio Giovinazzi.

When the pits were open, a number of cars stayed out, while Bottas gained places from Ricciardo and a slow-stopping Perez.

Hamilton led the restart from Stroll, Pierre Gasly, Giovinazzi, Kimi Raikkonen, Charles Leclerc, Nicholas Latifi and Sainz. A lap later, Leclerc had a huge accident at Parabolica – causing another safety car period and then a red flag to fix the tyre barrier. At this time, the penalties for Hamilton and Giovinazzi were revealed as 10s stop/go.

Stroll was able to change his tyres under the red flag, essentially gaining him a free pitstop.

For the standing restart, Hamilton lined up on pole ahead of Stroll, Gasly, Raikkonen, Sainz, Norris (who was investigated for slowing down too much before the pits) and Bottas. Stroll made a poor getaway and dropped to fourth, and then went straight on at the Roggia. Sainz passed him at the Lesmos, but Stroll repassed him at Ascari before Sainz made it stick.

Hamilton pitted to take his 10s penalty at the end of Lap 28, rejoining last, handing the lead to Gasly over Raikkonen, Giovinazzi (who pitted a lap later for his), Sainz, Stroll, Norris and Bottas.

Sainz passed Raikkonen for second at Turn 1 on Lap 34 after Kimi had run wide at Parabolica, but he was 4s behind Gasly. Stroll passed Raikkonen a lap later with an excellent move at Roggia.

Sainz closed in on Gasly, getting in touch on the final lap, but Gasly clung on to take a famous win – echoing Sebastian Vettel’s breakthrough win for Toro Rosso in 2008. Stroll finished third, ahead of Norris, Bottas and Ricciardo. Hamilton recovered to seventh place, passing Esteban Ocon on the last lap having passed Daniil Kvyat with three laps to go.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen retired on Lap 31 with an engine problem after a dismal race. Ferrari’s Vettel went out with an early rear brake failure that sent him straight on into the polystyrene blocks at the Rettifilo.

F1 Italian Grand Prix race results

ClaDriver ChassisEngineLapsTimeGapPitsPoints
1 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauriHonda53 225
2 Carlos Sainz Jr. McLarenRenault53 0.415 0.415 218
3 Lance Stroll Racing PointMercedes53 3.358 3.358 115
4 Lando Norris McLarenRenault53 6.000 6.000 212
5 Valtteri Bottas MercedesMercedes53 7.108 7.108 210
6 Daniel Ricciardo RenaultRenault53 8.391 8.391 28
7 Lewis Hamilton MercedesMercedes53 17.245 17.245 37
8 Esteban Ocon RenaultRenault53 18.691 18.691 24
9 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauriHonda53 22.208 22.208 22
10 Sergio Perez Racing PointMercedes53 23.224 23.224 21
11 Nicholas Latifi WilliamsMercedes53 32.876 32.876 2 
12 Romain Grosjean HaasFerrari53 35.164 35.164 2 
13 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa RomeoFerrari53 36.312 36.312 2 
14 George Russell WilliamsMercedes53 36.593 36.593 2 
15 Alex Albon Red BullHonda53 37.533 37.533 2 
16 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa RomeoFerrari53 55.199 55.199 3 
  Max Verstappen Red BullHonda30  3 
  Charles Leclerc FerrariFerrari23  1 
  Kevin Magnussen HaasFerrari17  1 
  Sebastian Vettel FerrariFerrari6  1 
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F1 Italian Grand Prix fastest laps

ClaDriver ChassisEngineLapsTimeGapkm/h
1 Lewis Hamilton MercedesMercedes34 1’22.746  252.033
2 Carlos Sainz Jr. McLarenRenault40 1’23.882 1.136 248.620
3 Lance Stroll Racing PointMercedes42 1’23.897 1.151 248.576
4 Daniel Ricciardo RenaultRenault38 1’23.898 1.152 248.573
5 Valtteri Bottas MercedesMercedes51 1’23.961 1.215 248.386
6 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauriHonda34 1’24.037 1.291 248.162
7 Lando Norris McLarenRenault50 1’24.232 1.486 247.587
8 Sergio Perez Racing PointMercedes50 1’24.336 1.590 247.282
9 George Russell WilliamsMercedes39 1’24.421 1.675 247.033
10 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauriHonda44 1’24.479 1.733 246.863
11 Esteban Ocon RenaultRenault52 1’24.490 1.744 246.831
12 Romain Grosjean HaasFerrari48 1’24.785 2.039 245.972
13 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa RomeoFerrari29 1’24.835 2.089 245.827
14 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa RomeoFerrari43 1’24.856 2.110 245.766
15 Alex Albon Red BullHonda48 1’24.926 2.180 245.564
16 Nicholas Latifi WilliamsMercedes39 1’24.999 2.253 245.353
17 Max Verstappen Red BullHonda10 1’25.539 2.793 243.804
18 Kevin Magnussen HaasFerrari10 1’25.787 3.041 243.099
19 Charles Leclerc FerrariFerrari19 1’26.026 3.280 242.424
20 Sebastian Vettel FerrariFerrari4 1’27.107 4.361 239.415
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F1 Italian Grand Prix tyre history

ClaDriver ChassisEngine1234
1 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauriHondaS22H7M5  
2 Carlos Sainz Jr. McLarenRenaultS25M4M5  
3 Lance Stroll Racing PointMercedesS29M7    
4 Lando Norris McLarenRenaultS25M4M10  
5 Valtteri Bottas MercedesMercedesS25M4M5  
6 Daniel Ricciardo RenaultRenaultS25M4M10  
7 Lewis Hamilton MercedesMercedesS23M6H1H27
8 Esteban Ocon RenaultRenaultS22M4S4  
9 Daniil Kvyat AlphaTauriHondaH22M4M5  
10 Sergio Perez Racing PointMercedesS25M4M11  
11 Nicholas Latifi WilliamsMercedesM16H10M6  
12 Romain Grosjean HaasFerrariM22H4H10  
13 Kimi Raikkonen Alfa RomeoFerrariM18H8S6  
14 George Russell WilliamsMercedesM22H4M1  
15 Alex Albon Red BullHondaS25M4H1  
16 Antonio Giovinazzi Alfa RomeoFerrariM20H6S1S27
  Max Verstappen Red BullHondaS25M4M5  
  Charles Leclerc FerrariFerrariS17H6    
  Kevin Magnussen HaasFerrariM1H16    
  Sebastian Vettel FerrariFerrariH6      
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