F1's Sebastian Vettel: I put more pressure on myself than anyone else could

F1's Sebastian Vettel: I put more pressure on myself than anyone else could


Four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel is vowing to overcome the lengthy slump he’s fallen into this season.

Ahead of the German Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel says the pressure he places on himself to perform is bigger than that from any external source.

And remember: This is the same Grand Prix in which he crashed out of while leading and lost the championship top spot in a single moment last time around.

Toward the end of the 2018 season, and in the early stages of 2019, Sebastian Vettel has become more of an internet meme than a serious championship contender.

Spinning multiple times in races following his crash at the German Grand Prix while making more unforced errors than just about any other driver on the grid, it is easy to see why Ferrari may be growing tired of paying his hefty wage when the results have disappeared.

“I always put myself under pressure, so I can’t be happy if things go wrong,” Vettel said during a press conference prior to the 2019 German Grand Prix. “I think the main thing is that we keep progressing in the right way, so for sure if I get something wrong and do a mistake, I can’t be happy with that. The pressure I put on myself after that is bigger than any external factors.

“This has been the same for as long as I can remember. I think the best and honest and straightforward way to deal with it myself as I know what I’ve done wrong and what I have done right, I know when I had the opportunity to do well — I think you are always your best judge no matter what you do.”

Asked whether the mounting pressure on him makes driving for Ferrari feel like a burden, Vettel said, “It doesn’t feel like a burden; it feels like a privilege to go out and race for Ferrari. Obviously, my mission and my goal and the team’s goal is to get back to winning ways. If we do that then we have a much better chance to fight for the championship.”

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