Mercedes F1 boss says they are their own worst enemy

Mercedes F1 boss says they are their own worst enemy


Toto Wolff is the Mercedes F1 team boss

Toto Wolff says his Mercedes F1 team were their own worst enemy during qualifying Saturday, especially when Ferrari already had a performance advantage in Belgium. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas were locked out of row two by over three-quarters of a second back on pole sitter Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

Mercedes have been the dominant force in F1, so to see the team struggle so much in qualifying at Spa-Francorchamps was somewhat of a surprise. It had been expected that Ferrari would have the car to beat, but the gap was so much larger than most people, including the Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, had ever imagined.

“We knew that it was going to be difficult and probably third and fourth was what we expected as the optimum result,” said Wolff. “I think it could have been second, but if you have a deficit with you package anyway which is enormous, I mean the power is just ridiculous from the Ferrari on these kinds of tracks, you’ve got to do everything right, and we didn’t.”

During the opening runs in the top ten shootout, Hamilton came close to running into the back of his teammate when the pack were jostling for position, Bottas also coming close to hitting one of the Renaults in a similar situation later in the lap, and Wolff says that Mercedes tripped over their own feet a little during the session.

“We know that the tow is important, but today we tripped over our own feet,” continued Wolff. “You want to do it extra-perfect, and then you’re looking like an idiot. This happened twice today.”

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