Robert Kubica unsure about 2020 F1 plans

Robert Kubica unsure about 2020 F1 plans


Robert Kubica is not sure how long his remarkable Formula 1 comeback will last.

Robert Kubica says it is too early to say whether he will still be in Formula 1 come 2020.

The Polish driver’s return to F1 after an eight-year recovery from permanent injuries was widely praised, but he has notably struggled to keep up with rookie teammate George Russell.

When asked over the weekend if he will still be on the grid in 2020, the 34-year-old gave a noncommittal answer.

“I think it’s too early to talk about it,” he said. “There are still 12 races in this season.”

And he bristled when asked if he will hang on to his Williams seat even for the rest of the year.

“You tell me,” Kubica fired back at the journalist. “Why would I not finish the season?”

The journalist then said he was only asking a question, to which Kubica retorted: “And I’m answering. Stupid question, stupid answer.”

As has become customary, Kubica qualified and finished dead last in Austria, and was the only driver to be lapped three times.

“It’s not like I’m not trying,” Kubica said. “When I try everything, I slide and destroy the tires. If there is nothing new in Silverstone, it will be the same.

“Driving a second slower than my teammate is not very much fun.”

Williams chief engineer Dave Robson said the 2020 Williams will be an evolution of this year’s car, which is by far the slowest on the grid.

“I don’t think there is anything fundamentally wrong with the car,” he insisted. “Our development rate is simply not enough.

“We took a different approach this year because we thought last year’s had reached the development limit. So, we’ve taken a step back and it’s taken too long to get back to where we were. Our correlation with the data from the factory is good and we will have several corrections on the car at Silverstone and then a bigger package for the next races.”

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