Two battles for Max Verstappen during F1 British GP, two outcomes

Two battles for Max Verstappen during F1 British GP, two outcomes


Sebastian Vettel was given a 10-second time penalty Sunday after the contact with Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen enjoyed his duel with Charles Leclerc in Sunday’s F1 British Grand Prix.  Not so much his brief fight with Sebastian Vettel after the contact with the German ripped a podium finish from his grasp.

With the two Mercedes scampering off into the distance Leclerc and Verstappen were left to battle it out for third place and battle they did. Pushing the the limits, both drivers gave as good as they got in a close but fair fight.

No quarter was given by either driver, but none was expected or asked for, and the Silverstone crowd were given a glimpse of the kind of racing that can be expected over the next decade with these two young drivers at the front.

“I think he was a little bit sore still from Austria so he was defending really hard but it’s fine,” said Verstappen. “I’m all for that. Of course, I didn’t want to take too much risk in those battles to damage the car because I knew we were quite a bit faster so I just need to pick my moment.

“Luckily, the team did it for me with a good strategy. Then it was all looking good for a good result.”

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Leclerc too was happy with their battle, also giving mention to their last lap incident in Austria.

“I was very happy,” said Leclerc. “That’s definitely the most fun I’ve had in my Formula 1 career. I know it’s only a short career – one year and a half – but it was definitely fun from inside the car.

“I think, Austria was quite an eyeopener for me, to understand how far we can go and what was accepted. I’m very happy at the end to race like this. Every driver wants to race hard and that’s what we did during most of the race.

“It was fun, almost borderline, but always very fun.”

As clean as the fight was, Vettel was unable to equal the two young talents. The past two years have seen Vettel’s driving become plagued with errors and he looked completely out of his depth when an attempt to pass the Red Bull driver ended with his Ferrari ramming Verstappen off the track and into the gravel.


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Recognizing his error however, Vettel headed straight for Verstappen after the race and apologized, although this doesn’t take away from the fact that the errors just keep on coming.
“He misjudged his braking in there so, he ran into the back (of me),” said Verstappen. “I’ve already spoken to him so he apologized to me when he got out of the car. That’s disappointing but you can’t change it now.

“The diffuser was broken, the floor was broken. I could see parts falling off so it was not great.”

Vettel was given a 10-second penalty for the contact.

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