Ferrari protests against Red Bull thrown out: Monaco GP result stands

Ferrari protests against Red Bull thrown out: Monaco GP result stands


Red Bull have retained their first and third-place finishes in Monaco, with Ferrari’s protests against the two cars being thrown out by the FIA.

The FIA have opted not to uphold Ferrari’s protests of the two Red Bull drivers after the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Scuderia lodged two separate protests after the chequered flag – one against race winner Sergio Perez and one against third-place finisher Max Verstappen. This was after both drivers touched the yellow line delineating the pit exit while peeling back out onto the track – the rules state drivers can’t cross that line.

With the Race Director’s notes for Monaco clarifying that drivers “must stay to the right of the line”, Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto confirmed his team would seek clarity from the FIA as a result – the governing body confirmed the protests shortly afterward.

Red Bull’s Jonathan Wheatley, Ferrari’s Inaki Rueda, and FIA Race Director Eduaro Freitas met with the stewards at 19:15 local time, in order to address the situation and, after a two hour deliberation, a decision was made to not uphold the protests.

The verdict from the stewards is that the protests have been rejected on the grounds that they are “unfounded”.

The stewards’ explanation for this decision was that the wording of the Sporting Regulations is that, at the pit exit, a car “must not cross” the line. The Race Director’s notes do not take priority over the Regulations, meaning the stipulation of remaining to the right of the line is not required.

As Verstappen and Perez touched the line, but didn’t cross it, the stewards ruled that they did not breach the relevant section of the regulations.

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