FIA made ‘scandalous’ decision to reject Ferrari protests in Monaco

FIA made ‘scandalous’ decision to reject Ferrari protests in Monaco


Formula 1 journalist Roberto Chinchero branded the FIA’s call to waive away Ferrari’s Red Bull protests in Monaco “scandalous”.

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez won the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix, but initially his result, as well as Max Verstappen’s who finished P3 in the other Red Bull, were in doubt after Ferrari lodged a protest.

It related to the actions of both Perez and Verstappen when they left the pit lane after stops, Ferrari arguing that both drivers had gone over the line at the pit exit which can not be crossed.

But, with the wording of the race director’s notes and that of the Sporting Code not being full aligned on what constitutes to a breach of this rule, the stewards dismissed the protests.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto was left perplexed, the same true for Chinchero.

Speaking to, he said: “Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez touched the yellow line exiting the pit lane. The two Red Bull drivers have done a manoeuvre that in the past has been sanctioned.

“The FIA had not even opened an investigation and only after the Ferrari complaint, the case was discussed. The decision is scandalous: the RB18 did not cross the line with all the tyres so there was no violation for the stewards. A judgment that contradicts previous sentences.”

Chinchero was clear though that Ferrari also played a very important role in denying themselves the win in Monaco.

Charles Leclerc claimed pole and was leading the way on a drying track, but a mix-up in the pits caused the race to unravel.

Ferrari were running P1 and P2, but a successful undercut from Red Bull got Perez ahead of Carlos Sainz, and when Leclerc was told to box, before being told too late to stay out, it turned into a double-stack with Leclerc rejoining the race in P4, the position where he finished.


“The Ferrari strategists today took away a victory from Leclerc,” said Chinchero.

“Then they will try to analyse and understand everything, but they made a macroscopic mistake in the race management.

“What must make Ferrari think is that they had a driver that was superior to anyone else all weekend and their strategic wrong choices took away the victory and even the podium from him.

“It was a big mistake that prevented Leclerc from winning his home race.”

Additional reporting by Luca Brambilla



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