Why Cowell’s departure will test Mercedes’ depth

Why Cowell’s departure will test Mercedes’ depth


Mercedes’ powertrains have been a constant source of strength during its spell of turbo hybrid era dominance. So with its engine head Andy Cowell set to step away, the team will need to minimise disruption and continue his legacy of pushing boundaries

Just as the history books credit Ferrari’s greatest years of Formula 1 dominance to a dream team made up of Michael Schumacher/Jean Todt/Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne, so too will the current Mercedes era of six straight drivers and manufacturer’s world championship doubles be linked to a core group of individuals.

The Silver Arrows success story hasn’t finished yet though, so it’s hard to say who the exclusive members of its club will be. But, for now, you would be hard pressed to argue against Mercedes engine guru Andy Cowell being guaranteed a spot in there alongside Toto Wolff, Niki Lauda and Lewis Hamilton.

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